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“DOWNSTAIRS” (Official video)

Taken from our album RECIPES.

Directed by Stefan Hill.
Camera: Maurice Braun and Stefan Hill.
Shot while recording at Kult41, Bonn.

Thank you Eva Marxen and Kult41, Stefan Hill and Maurice Braun!
© 2014 / any of both

“UP AND DOWN” (official audio)

Taken from our album RECIPES.
Available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/de/album/recipes/id877600014?l=en
Purchase physical copies and lossless audio of RECIPES via Bandcamp: anyofboth.bandcamp.com/album/recipes

© 2014 / any of both

Video “Cuckoo Cookie” (Official)

Check out our cuckoo-coloured Cookie video. The first single of our debut album RECIPES. Directed by our multifaceted friend Stefan Hill.
Available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/de/album/recipes/id877600014?l=en
Purchase physical copies and lossless audio of RECIPES via Bandcamp: anyofboth.bandcamp.com/album/recipes


APRIL 2014

RECIPES arrived!

APRIL 2014
After a long time of recording, mixing and mastering, our new album RECIPES is finally complete.
The CD arrived last week accompanied by an outstanding artwork created by the Dusseldorf based artist Michael Koch. Thank you very much, Mick! It’s brilliant.
For helping with loads of knowledge and professional skills concerning typography alignment and cryptical printing specifications, we would also like to thank Daniel Bolay of Maniana Design and Marek Bruns for getting this baby ready to be printed.
Our RECIPES are going to be released on the 16th of May 2014 via Bandcamp and other physical and digital retailers.
Stay tuned for the first single Cuckoo Cookie and a brand new video as well!

One Sunny Day

MARCH 2014
Our new studio album “Recipes” will be released through One Sunny Day Recordings.
The label gives home to quality music since 2010. Its roster includes bands as Early Autumn Break, Hill Myna or the Riviera Brothers.
We’re very happy to be part of this lovely family!

Dear All You Out There,

MARCH 2014
we hope you are well and things are fine?
It has been quiet here for the past weeks. We recently heard about Facebook and got lost in feeding this hungry beast. Time to get back to our own website to give you a little update about the current state of play.
We finished working on our new studio album. Woohoo! It is composed of 10 tracks and its name will be “Recipes”. Due to too much kitchen work – like collecting all the ingredients, rattling pots and pans and mixing it in a satisfying way – we were a bit lost in all the ups and downs that we came across during the process. But  we finally made it!
A physical medium will be released first – means a CD. We are working on the digital release as well, which we’ll keep you updated about.
Our album “Recipes” will be released in April 2014, accompanied by two concerts in Bonn (04.04.14 – Kult41) and Duesseldorf (05.04.14 – HPZ-Stiftung). If you are around, we will be very happy to meet you there!
All the best for you and stay tuned!

Winterlude 1

A little winterlude – for winter is coming. Enjoy!

Recording ‘Small Town’ – electric guitar

MARCH 2013
Here’s a snippet of a guitar line, that Chris added to our new song ‘Small Town’. Enjoy!

New Band Photo

Back in 2012 we did a small photo shoot with Michael Koch and Lan Weidenfelder. The shooting took place in Bonn and Duesseldorf. The picture above was taken in a carpentry in Bonn.
Thank you Mick and Lan for the great photos!

Downstairs at Kult 41

Recently we recorded Downstairs – another new song for our upcoming album, which requires a rough and sturdy sound. To achieve that we temporarily moved into a club in Bonn – the Kult 41where we also played a concert earlier this year. An awesome place with boomy acoustics, excellently brewed coffee and most friendly folks. Like being home in a way.
The recording session has also been filmed. Check back soon for the upcoming video clip.
Thank you Eva of Kult 41 for providing that perfectly matching location. Thank you Stefan and Maurice for running back and forth and around us with cameras and tripods. And thank you Susan for taking photos of the day downstairs.
See you soon!

Back at Maarwegstudio 2

… or back to the seventies…
In 2011 we had the pleasure to record an acoustic version of ‘Watch You Sleep’ at Maarwegstudio2 in Cologne. Now we returned to this inspiring venue to work on new songs for our next album. Wooden floors, cork covered walls, cozy couches next to the grand piano and Cologne’s finest coffee flowing like streams of milk and honey…
Click here to enjoy a 360 degree view of our session.

Back in the Studio

At the moment we are working on new songs for our first full-length studio album. We are recording on several locations in and around Duesseldorf. The song “Broken Glass” (snippet above) was recorded at Medienverband Duesseldorf, where we played a private studio concert earlier this year. Enjoy!

Private Studio Concert Duesseldorf

MARCH 2012
On 17th of March 2012 we played a private studio concert at Medienverband Düsseldorf.
Thanks to Uli Klingel for providing a fantastic location on such short notice.

Watch You Sleep (Rehearsal) – new clip by Stefan Hill

This is a clip of us rehearsing “Watch You Sleep” – one of our new songs.
Thank you Stefan, Julian, Niko and Alex for the excellent work you did!

Big Ribbon Mic Session at Maarwegstudio2

Documentary of a recording session at Maarweg Studio 2 in Cologne on May 30, 2011.
We recorded an acoustic version of our new song “Watch You Sleep” using almost exclusively AEA ribbon microphones.

‘Watch You Sleep’ acoustic

Recently we recorded an acoustic version of ‘Watch You Sleep’ – one of our new songs – at Maarwegstudio 2 in Cologne. The mixing and mastering work is done now! Thanks to Julian David at Hemisphere Studios/L.A. and Alex Kloss at Timetools Mastering/Hannover!

Have a look at some photos of the recording session and listen to the full length track!

Big Ribbon Mics at Maarwegstudio 2/Cologne

JUNE 2011
A few weeks ago, on the 30th of May, we recorded an acoustic version of a new song called ‘Watch You Sleep’ at Maarwegstudio 2 in Cologne.

We worked with Julian David from AEA, a high class ribbon microphone manufacturer from Pasadena/California, and Wolfgang Stach, a producer and engineer from Cologne.

Release Concert – Thank you!

MAY 2011
On 30th of April 2011 we released our debut EP “Vernal Fall” at Café Freiraum in Düsseldorf. Big thanks to all the helping hands who made this wonderful evening possible! Thank you Brian for excellent tunes after the concert! And thank you to all of you for being a part of it! It has been a pleasure!

Have a look at some photos!

Release Concert

On 30th of April we are going to play our first concert as a band. This is also the release of our debut EP “Vernal Fall”. Join us!

Café Freiraum, Josef-Gockeln-Str.9, 40474 Düsseldorf
Opening: 8.00pm – free entrance

Cloudless (Rehearsal)

David with Chris Bauer, Claus Schulte, Niko Faust and Philipp Gosch rehearsing for their upcoming release concert.

Many thanks to recording engineer Julian Klapp and director Stefan Hill for doing such a great job!

First Rehearsals

In November 2010 we started rehearsing in Bonn and Düsseldorf. While on ‘Vernal Fall’ nearly every instrument was recorded separately, this was the first time for us to play the songs together as a band.

Have a look at some photos!

Recording ‘Vernal Fall’ 2010

Over the year 2010 we recorded ‘Vernal Fall’ in various studios in and around Düsseldorf. Have a look at some photos of the recording sessions!