any of both? Both of any? Any of what?

any of both is the music project of German singer/songwriter and producer David Schwager, formed in 2010. You can describe his music as melancholy Indie-Pop. David might tell you that it’s not or maybe add that he is also influenced by Progressive Rock.

David grew up in a small village in the heart of Germany, building huts in the woods, biking through the hills, and searching for mushrooms. Watching opera on television at the age of three may have opened his mind for music and led to attending special classes for music on a boarding school at the age of twelve, where David stayed until he finished school. In addition to usual lessons, the school’s program was based on singing in choirs – children’s choir, girls choir, mixed youth choir – David sang in all of them… well, most of them. During that time, he played in school-bands as a drummer and a singer, which led to endless discussions with his voice formation teacher about ‘ruining’ his voice while singing in a rock band… David says it was kind of ‘illegal’ to perform non-classical music. But he did…

After finishing school David volunteered as a producer of commercials and jingles at a radio station. Three years ahead he went to Düsseldorf/Germany to study audio engineering and to learn more about music and what’s technically needed to get the right sound. The knowledge he gained through the years is also what you can hear when you listen to any of both.

David arranges, produces and records his music himself with the help of his friend and co-producer Niko Faust. The musicians gathering around any of both have worked with David on other music projects before, where they get to know each other “through the glass” as well.

The arrangements of any of both focus on natural instruments with addition of synthetic elements like programmed loops or synthesizers. Sometimes the other way ’round. When you listen to it, you will sometimes be reminded of The Beatles and Genesis, as well as of Beck. From time to time an analog and kind of vintage sound comes through your speakers, with the warmth of tubes and real tape, while the next moment there’s bit-crushed drums and electronic loops, adding to this music’s multi faced character.

So now what is any of both? Maybe you can consider it as a music project open to change; because after all – isn’t it always more than one? And should there be a split between two? Is there a choice and will you decide? Go and find out!